The “Disco Bridge” of Montreal

In late 2016, it was announced that Montreal bridge that links the island with the south shore would receive new lighting equipment that represents say will contribute to Montreal’s effort in improving its image.

After installation, it is said that the bridge will be garnished with a total of 2,807 multicolour lights that can be choreographed into multiple different routines. According to officials, this will provide the city with a more up-beat vibe.

The project is jointly funded by the Federal government and the city of Montreal, who provided 30 million and 9.5 million respectively.

Many claim that this is the kind of improvements the city needs if it wants to thrive in the future. However the project has also amassed plenty of critics who say that the funds are going to waste. Furthermore, the project is causing traffic on the bridge everyday, as workers tend to install the lights upon the bridge.

The lights will be first used on what will be the 375th birth date of the city of Montreal. In celebration of the city, Montrealers will be able to rejoice at the new instalment by the shore of Old Port at nightfall. In conjunction with the celebration, Montreal officials hope to stir enough hype to lure tourists into the city.

According to officials, the project is only the beginning of the journey of reconstructing Montreal tourist industry which has been failing in the last two decades.

What do you think?

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